Quality Assurance

Civil Works Engineers has developed its own in-house quality control manual and procedures to specially suit urban development projects. These include conceptual and technical reviews at designated stages together with technical checking by our experienced personnel.

Projects are monitored on daily basis and the preparation and implementation of the quality control programme are the responsibility of the Project Manager who manages it through regular in-house review meetings and peer review with team members.

Civil Works Engineers recognise the importance to our clients of project works being completed to a high quality, on time and within budget. We know how difficult it is to manage projects should this not be the case. Our quality, programme and cost control is achieved through an emphasis on tight in-house management, through the commitment of staff to provide the effort required to meet deadlines, and through the maintenance of very close scrutiny, by our Engineers, of contractor’s performance on construction works.

The highly competitive nature of the urban development industry and the need to react quickly to market fluctuations now requires a very different approach to our work. Projects rarely have sufficient time to follow a sequential programme of planning, survey, engineering, construction, etc and nearly all work is nowadays fast-tracked.

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Roger Andrade has over 15 years continual experience in civil engineering and has delivered a broad range of successful projects including subdivisions, multi-unit dwellings, shopping centres, schools, and industrial and commercial building developments.