Site Based Stormwater Management Plan

Stormwater quality and quantity management is investigated as part of our site based stormwater management plan (SBSMP). This plan is used to identify a set of best practice site management procedures to control the severity and extent of soil erosion and pollutant transport during the construction phase and post-construction phase (developed phase).

The SBSMP also identifies any potential on and off-site (upstream, downstream and adjacent properties) impacts associated with the site drainage system, for a proposed development. In addition, it can identify a range of stormwater management strategies and actions for water quality and environmental issues.

A development can be classified as ‘Low Risk’ or ‘High Risk’ and the proposed measures will be investigated and determined as part of our SBSMP.

We are able to provide individual plans for quality and quantity, respectively, or a combined plan investigating both areas.

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Roger Andrade has over 15 years continual experience in civil engineering and has delivered a broad range of successful projects including subdivisions, multi-unit dwellings, shopping centres, schools, and industrial and commercial building developments.