Concept Design Drawings

Concept design drawings can be produced at the start of your project to assist in identifying opportunities and constraints in servicing the development. These types of drawings can help to give a graphic depiction of the proposed works required to complete your project and give and understanding of the existing site infrastructure and the new infrastructure required to facilitate your development. At this stage, a concept design may help to estimate the construction costs of the civil works.

We can prepare concept design drawings for the following aspects of your development:

– Earthworks
– Erosion and Sediment Control
– Stormwater Drainage
– Roadworks
– Signage and Line Marking
– Car parking
– Sewerage Reticulation
– Water Reticulation

Written by

Roger Andrade has over 15 years continual experience in civil engineering and has delivered a broad range of successful projects including subdivisions, multi-unit dwellings, shopping centres, schools, and industrial and commercial building developments.