Civil Works Design

Detailed design, certification and lodgment of operational works drawings and documentation is required to comply with the Development Approval (DA) conditions. The conditions are assessed and approved by the local Council and respective referral agencies whenever it is applicable.

Referral agencies are often involved in the development assessment process by providing critical advice on proposed development applications where there is a state interest.

Civil Works Engineers can assist you with the preparation of the civil works design drawings which form part of the operational works application in the following areas:

– Erosion and Sediment Control – site management plans and sediment basins
– Earthworks– including site grading, cutting and filling and building platforms
– Roadworks – including functional layouts, roads, intersections, driveways, site access and pavement design
– Signage and Line marking – pavement markings and regulatory signage
– Stormwater Drainage – including pipe networks, allotment drainage and stormwater quality management
– Car Parks – layout, grading, accessibility and vehicle maneuvering
– Sewerage – trunk infrastructure, sewer reticulation and property connection(s)
– Water – water trunk, water reticulation, water service and water meter

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Roger Andrade has over 15 years continual experience in civil engineering and has delivered a broad range of successful projects including subdivisions, multi-unit dwellings, shopping centres, schools, and industrial and commercial building developments.